August 7, 2012

Rest time towel

On Kiera's school supply list it said "Towel for rest time with child's name on it".  The little wheels in my brain were immediately turning thinking of a way to put Kiera's name on a towel with out writing "Kiera" on it in a marker.  Will that even work?  I don't know but that wasn't gonna cut it for my baby girl!  I came across this picture and was sold.  

So we took Kiera to Hobby Lobby for her to pick out some fabric which ended up being this...

There is that purple again.  Then we grabbed a purple towel from Wal Mart.

 I cut out her name and put that on one end and then used the rest of the fabric to make a strip at the other end.  Actually I cut the big strip first and then used the leftover square of fabric to cut out her name.  I just free handed the letters with a fabric pencil, cut them out and adhered them to the towel with a little no sew tape to keep them in place while I moved the towel around and sewed them down.  I used a zigzag stitch around the edges of the fabric to help keep them from fraying so we will see how that works out down the line.

This is  the "pillow end" as she calls it.  

 I think it turned out quite nice and Kiera really likes it too which is all that matters.

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