August 6, 2012

Ear piercing

Kiera decided that she wanted her ears pierced and since it was her choice we were ok with taking her to get them done as an early birthday present.  We never got them done when she was little because it was obvious she was a baby girl and she would have probably ripped them out since she wallers her head so much on her pillow, blanket and anything else her head touches.  So after I went to enroll her in kindergarten on Friday I took her to get her ears pierced.  

She picked out some purple flower earrings since that is now her favorite color.  She did great and didn't cry though she did jump and made the comment "Oh that did hurt, but not too much".  Silly girl.

Fast forward 4 hours when Jimmy and I are trying to get things together to go camping and Kiera tells me her earring fell out.  She was doing something crazy on the couch, most likely something that involved her head and the left earring got caught on the couch and came out.  With some screaming and a couple tears (both from her) the earring was back in.  Whew.

Oh but how I wish the story stopped there.  The next morning when she woke up around 7:30am she tells me her earring fell out again.  UGH!  Only now I can find the back to it but attempted to put it back in in the meantime.  Only this time it wasn't happening.  After working with her and and doing a lot of talking about needing to get it back in so it wouldn't close up and finally finding the back she was not going to let me put that earring back in.  It was just hurting her too much.  I told her if we weren't going to put it back in then the other one had to come out.  She really didn't want to take it out but decided to in the end.  

I was quite livid at this point.  Li.vid.  I actually had to fight back crying.  I was telling Jimmy the whole situation (he was sitting outside during the whole fiasco) and had to stop talking and go back inside because I was going to lose it.  I wasn't even yelling or anything and I stayed pretty calm through the whole thing.  I felt so pathetic that I was that upset over earring  but I just spent $30 20 hours before to get it done.  Not even a full day with the earrings in.   I refused to take out the other earring and made Jimmy do it.  Of course I wasn't going to hold her down and force the earring in while she screamed bloody murder.   She was just so dang cute with them and it cost $30!!!! 

 At least there is proof that she had them done and she can look back at this picture and reminisce about the day she had her ears pierced.  You know since we won't be letting her get them done again until she is at least 13.  Should have stuck with my gut instinct and waited.

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