July 30, 2012

Napkin Pillows

I came across these napkins in a clearance section at Bed Bath and Beyond one day and fell in love with the pattern.  The colors match our house so that was a big selling point too.  I didn't even hesitate grabbing them because I had a bright idea of making them into pillows.  

 I came across this tutorial on No. 29 design on turning napkins into pillows and it was super easy.  Originally I was going to rip the seam on one whole side of the napkin but decided  to go with the tutorial and only opened about 2 inches.   It probably only took 20-30 minutes to stuff them since the hole was so tiny, but that meant less stitching to do!  I am pretty burnt out on stripes so that side doesn't see the daylight. 

I know it looks weird with just the two but whatever.  I keep it interesting by switching it up every other day until I throw another pillow into the mix.

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