July 23, 2012

Caramel Oreo Cups

I made these little treats for a 4th of July get together we had with some lovely friends and man were they a hit. They were so stinkin' easy to make too. 

Here are my super duper technical directions with exact measurements.  Ok not really but lets pretend. You will need...

1 package double stuffed Oreos (I think there were 27 in the package before 2 were removed for quality control testing by Kiera and I) 

1/2 stick ?? margarine or butter, either is fine

1 box of Jello Mousse caramel

Milk (to make the mousse)


1.  Make the mousse according to the box and put in the fridge to set for a few hours.  Though I only waited like 1 hour.  The mousse wasn't set quite yet.

2.  I blended all my Oreos in the our food processor until they were nice a crumbly then I added the melted butter/margarine to make a crust.  I put my Oreo crust mixture directly into mini muffin pans though I will actually put liners in the pan FIRST next time (note to self).  

3.  After the cups set an hour I carefully popped pried them out of the muffin pan (this is where already having them in liners would have helped tremendously) and put them in liners.  Then I took out my soft set mousse and piped them in each cup.  I used parchment triangles to pipe them with but you could use a plastic baggie if you don't have the triangles or a canvas bag on hand. 

4.   Add desired topping. I made some chocolate shavings from a bar of bakers chocolate.  I wanted to have chocolate curls but the chocolate was too dry to curl. I also thought about putting a single cherry from a can of pie filling on top but knew the cherry wouldn't stay put so I decided against it. 
Mmmm.  They were so good.  I have all sorts of ideas of different flavor combinations!  Like golden Oreo crust with a lemon Jell-O pudding filling.  The clear-ish tangy lemon that you have to add egg yolks to, not the other one.

I like that they were tiny so you could just eat one and not feel bad about it.   Only I ate like 3.  I just felt a tiny bit bad!

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