July 31, 2012

Jimmy's Bathroom Redo - Shower Curtain

Am I still talking about Jimmy's bathroom?  Yes, yes I am.

I found this sheer fabric in the clearance section at Wal Mart of all places.  I really loved the design and couldn't beat it at $2 a yard.  I bought 2 pieces of the fabric since I knew one wouldn't be wide enough.  I didn't even measure the length, just unrolled it and held it up until I thought  the length was right for where the rod was. As in, lets reach up in the fabric clearance section at Wal Mart and pretend to pull a shower curtain back and that should be the right length.   Wow.  That sounds so much more dorky typing it out than I felt doing that in the store. 

Man I am telling ya, I can't put anything on the floor without someone either sitting right next to it or walking all over it.  Of course Kiera and Berkley ran all over it too.

When I laid the fabric on the floor on top of the sheet I was using as the shower curtain, one  was longer than the other due to my super scientific method of measurement and I needed to come up with an idea to make them more even. 

I ended up stitching the 2 pieces down the middle first and then along the top and bottom to make seams.  The sides already had weird fused seams so I didn't even mess with them.  This was my first time to sew with sheer fabric and it was weird.  I am pretty sure I needed a lighter thread but didn't have any on hand and wasn't going to go buy any.  Oh and of course I didn't even measure anything when doing the seams.  AND the only time I used any pins on this whole sewing excursion was along the top when I pinned and stitched little pleats to make all of the sheer fabric fit on the curtain.  That way it doesn't just hang straight down and is nice and gathered.  I had also sewn the sheer fabric onto the sheet just below to piped edge, so its fairly finished looking.

I really like how it just slightly lays on the floor.  Bonus points for hiding what is probably a really uneven bottom portion of the curtain. 
Now when I draped it over the brown rug the pattern really pops and with the cream sheet behind it I think it's just meh.  Still it's better than before though.

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Shower Enclosures Brooklyn said...

Looks fantastic! Easy on the eyes and matches just about anything you could throw it with I'd imagine.

-Solomon Berkovitch

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