June 7, 2012

P double O P

I was perusing around on someecards (oh man do the crack me up) last night and came across this...
 someecards.com - I find few things more satisfying than admiring the length of my turds

...and it reminded me of something Kiera said to Jimmy the other night.  We were all in the master bathroom while I was changing into my pj's, Jimmy was in there talking to me  and Kiera decided to take a poo, and I am pretty sure the animals were in there too.  I would like to think we were invading on Kiera's privacy since we get none at all.  Jimmy does cause he is a guy but me, not one bit.  

So she finishes her business and says "Dada come look at my poop!  It's so big!"  Jimmy declines this invitation while we are looking at each other cracking up.  Though he had a proud look on his face since he has pulled jokes like this on me with his cell phone camera.  


But seriously she is kinda fascinated with bodily functions like she has noticed when she throws up it can be different colors depending on what she eats.  Not that she throws up hardly ever but you know. 

At least I have a strong stomach for all of that.  I know Jimmy appreciated my ability to help him out when he had food poisoning a couple times.  Strange topic?  I think not.  We are all human beings after all and alot of us are parents, so yeah.

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Hespyhesp said...

Haha. Haeden just got potty trained within the last few months. Pooing on the potty took a while. We made a really big deal out of it when he started (finally) doing it. He gets so excited and wants everyone to come look (One little one and one BIG one, Mommy!). He even asks me if I'm proud of him. It's hilarious.

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