June 11, 2012

Fun Stuff at Lowe's

Early Saturday morning I took my car in to get the oil changed and walked across the parking lot to Lowe's so I could look around. I usually do this when I get my oil changed and it helps waked me up and I can just look at whatever the heck I want.  

I started to take pictures of things that I want to remember for any future crafts that I may want to do and just a few things that I like.  Dang my iPhone camera sucks.  And my hands shake for some odd reason so that doesn't help.

Paint that I would like to try the next time I paint Kiera's room.

Ginormous sheets of canvas could be cut up and made into pillows, or seat cushions or wall art with typography of some sort.  It could even be painted on! 

Little paint cans with lids.  These could be painted or just wrap some ribbon or twine or something around them and fill the with little gifts or food of some sort could be sealed inside. 

Paint samples  in all sorts of fun springy colors.  I have never seen these at Lowes before.  Not too shabby for $2.94 each.  I took one of the free color fans to the right of the sign.

I have seen a lot of pictures online for DIY framed bathroom mirror and would loooove to do that in Jimmy's bathroom.  I decided I liked these wood pieces below.  It isn't too wide  and has a nice decorative look to it and it's really lightweight too.    

These little plant misters are super duper cute. 

I really like the bird silhouettes on this pillow and the one below that compliments it nicely.  I should buy that ginormous canvas and recover my front porch bench pillow and then slap these on top of it!  That would look totally adorable!  They are $11 each, so maybe someday.

By the end of my 1 hour wait/perusing I decided to take a seat for a moment and almost didn't get up.  This rocker was so so so stinkin' comfortable and it better be for $248!!

I really liked this woven stick hanging basket and think it would be a lovely basket for a plant OR say as a light fixture of some sort.

Square planters.  I like square things.  Like princess cut diamonds.  I really like this purple color and purple really isn't my color.

So I had a great time window shopping at Lowe's.  Maybe I should create a board on Pinterest so I can remember my ideas!  I always think it's funny when people pin their own things!  Oops I am guilty of that though. 

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