June 12, 2012

Garden Box

One day my mom sent me an email of their new garden boxes they had set up in their back yard.  I would share the picture but it looks like I deleted it.  I first fell in love with the dark walnut type color they stained the wood and then I fell in love with the idea of the raised garden all together.  I know raised gardens are all the rage right now (or so it seems to be) and decided that we needed one too.  They got the boxes from a company that their neighbor used to work at where things were shipped from places like Poland (that is what the shipping label said).  On Mother's Day they surprised me with a couple of them (we gave the other to Jimmy's parents).  The best thing about the boxes besides them already being built is that they were FREE!  Score!!!  Oh and they are 40.5 inches long x 13 inches wide x 11.5 inches deep.

I decided to forgo staining mine even though I really wanted to and just sealed the outside of it with some outdoor/marina quality sealer.  I figured the "marina" part would come in good with the rain and all.  Then I lined it with an organic vegetable garden weed block to help hold the dirt in a little more.  My parents said that theirs still drains really well even with the weed block lining it. 

Now we just need to decide where to put it because it is definitely not staying in the grass right off of the porch!  We think the best spot would be on the west side of the yard near the fence so it would get a good deal of sun but not burning in the afternoon sun.

I am just not feeling the east side of the yard.

My other thought was to put it between these two windows and remove a few of those stupid hibiscus type trees that we whacked to the ground and have now grown back.  Yeah they are technically trees but the idiot previous owners planted them right up next to the dang house, like they did the holly bushes and red tip photinias (sp?).  Not sure it would get enough sun but it might.  Plus it would be out of the way for us playing in the yard.

We also considered putting some wheels on the base (there are some nice support blocks on the bottom corners) so we could just move it around to mow and such.  Guess I need to take another trip to Lowe's!  Woo hoo!


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