May 24, 2012

Last Day of Pre K

Tuesday was Kiera's last day of Pre K.  Sniffle.

The poor thing has been sick but we couldn't miss the last day of school!  After all it was only for 1 hour.  They had a little program where they sang a few songs, were given their portfolio with all their home work and a few other projects, and we watched a slide show of the different activities they did throughout the year which we were given a DVD of!!  I will be getting a book made of the pictures fo sho. 

We started out with a few cute pictures on her very first last day of school.

I let her take her new purse to school too since I could watch over it for her. The  contents include...change, mini brush, hand sanitizer, and chap-stick which is the only item that is truly hers and not something of mine I let her have.  She has repeatedly told me thank you for all of those things.

Once at school and in the class everyone grabbed a book to wait for all of the parents to arrive.  She eventually brought over the book and sat in my lap so I could read it to her.


Now it was time for them to sing us some songs.  I could sit and watch those kids all day long.   Just watch them play and sing.  Adorable! 

My baby girl getting her certificate from her teacher Mrs. Miller...

...and her portfolio from Mrs. Wall.  This has all of her homework and a few other things she has done at school throughout the year.  Not to mention I have kept basically every single little thing that was sent home almost daily in her back pack.  Gotta do something creative with that cause I can't bear to get rid of it right now.

Now it's slide show time!

Oh the kids were hilarious.  They were all so excited to see themselves up on the screen and were laughing and pointing each other out.  It was too cute. 
I am proud of myself for not crying.  I almost did when she was giving her teachers good bye hugs so I conveniently occupied myself by gathering our belongings so I could suck it up.

 Of course being such a big day and all we gave her a little gift to celebrate what a super duper wonderful job she has done this year and the progress she has made as a person and a student.

"Oh woooow!"

She likes her pink and black baseball glove and ball.
Watch out kindergarten, here we come!!

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Hespyhesp said...

Oh my gosh, she is sooo cute. She looks so grown up, too. Especially with her beautiful hair.

Congrats to you both! I can't believe you were able to hold back the tears!

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