May 18, 2012

9 down 36 to go

Sometime during the first week of April I started running/walking and cutting back my food portions and trying not to eat a lot of crap and sweets.  I am tired of feeling like a fatty and don't want to tell Kiera I can't run around with her because I am out of shape (since we don't talk about being fat or skinny).  

I decided I would loosely try out the couch to 5k program to pace my self and get into running but the problem is that I have never been a runner.  In high school when I was on the swim team swimming for 3+ hours a day for 3 years and in weight lifting as a class, I could barely finish one lap around the track.    I was in pretty bad shape endurance wise when I started and was dying around the 30 second - 1 minute mark. Kiera has been going with me since the beginning and she used made me look pathetic.  That isn't the case now since I can run longer than she can.  But she really enjoys it and I occasionally go by myself, which is saying something when you exercise alone!  I also found my breathing pattern which I think was the biggest thing to figure out, oh and how exactly to run.  I land on the balls of my feet and man has it given my non existent calves a work out.  And my shins, oh the insides of my shins!  Slowly but surely they are getting stronger and hurt a little less every time but they are getting there!

Alas, my efforts have paid off because I have lost 9 pounds.  That is not a fluctuation in weight for me that is pure weigh loss.  Only I have 36 pounds more to go.  People always say "36 pounds from where?"  Oh trust me its there.  I just so happen to carry my weight very well and evenly all over my body, not all in my legs or all in my stomach, its everywhere.  But my weight has stayed the same for about a week, since I took a little running break to let my problem of a right shin to heal, so I am back on track er the road, I mean sidewalk.

I do have a little goal though.  I plan on participating in the Zoo Run this October.  

 Am I going to do the 5k?  Oh no no no.  My goal is to do the fun run.  Yes the 1 mile fun run.  Seeing as I have NEVER ran a continuous mile in the 32 years of my existence I should be good to do the 1 mile since I have now 5 months to prepare.  And who knows maybe by then I will be able to run 3 miles but I highly doubt it.  I know what my body is telling me and it ain't happening so far.  Maybe I will get to where I can run a fast 1 mile! 

Too bad I don't have any runner friends to participate with me.  Unless there is someone out there that wants to?  Anybody?

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Hespyhesp said...

I tried to do that program. I got to where I could do a mile, but I have basically learned that my body doesn't want to run. I can walk all day and really enjoy it and have lost weight in the past just doing that... but as much as I'd love to be a runner, I know it isn't gonna happen. Every time I try I end up with more headaches and a lot of foot pain. Oy. Good luck to you though. The zoo run sounds FUN!

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