May 17, 2012

Mother's Day Camp

Last weekend had a Mothers Day camp at the river.  The lovely people that made up this camp were James and Kathy (Jimmy's parents), Robbie (their friend from their college days), Kristy (Robbie's daughter), Kameron and Izzy (Kristy's kids), Becky (Robbie's sister), Jimmy, Kiera, and I.  Whew.  It was a lot of fun.  We also did a short little 3-4 mile float trip on Saturday but there are no pictures of that.  I only had my phone so all I got were crappy pictures of everything else.

3 tents, 1 pop up camper, 1 2-wheeler, 2 4-wheelers, 2 kayaks, 3 kids bikes, campfire, marshmallows, beer, wine, good food, rainstorm one night, heavy sleeping, hot coffee, good company. 

Jimmy and I slept in this lovely little tent of ours.  We have had this tend for 12 years now.  There wasn't any remaining flat ground to pitch our tent on so we just set it up under the building.  We do have a massive 2 room tent with screened in porch but this was all we needed, along with a blow up mattress.  Yes we have slept in a tent with just a sleeping bag before but not since we were young.  Our bones are too old for that now!  HA!  Oh and Kiera slept in the pop up camper with Nanny and Papa.

This was what it looked like facing out of the tent.  Trees, river, and gravel bar.  It is pure bliss laying in bed listening to the water rushing by.

Kiera and Izzy stayed occupied riding their bikes when they weren't banned from it.  Bikes were off limits during meal prep and eating.   

Robbie, Kameron, Kristy, Izzy, Kiera and I went on a bike ride on Sunday, though everyone actually took a a number of rides over the weekend.  Someone is always on a bike when we're camping.  The road we are on here is in perfect alignment with the Milky Way.  We always ride down to this road at night to see the line of our galaxy. It's absolutely beautiful.

Kiera and Izzy gave me the best mothers day flower bouquet I have ever received.

 Before we left we all took the kids down to the river to swim for a bit.  The water is still pretty darn cool so I didn't swim in it.  Hopefully it's a little warmer when we go back Memorial weekend!

When you turn around to see this in the backseat you know it was a good weekend.  She is sitting in a booster seat by the way.

However this is the reality when you come home.  6 loads of laundry in their neat little piles strung about the living room.  Somehow I got everything done and put away before I went to bed Sunday night, except for the big black comforter in the center.  It's still sitting in the same spot today.  I'll get it done eventually.

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