May 9, 2012

Fire pit and smores

Last year on Black Friday I bought a little fold up fire pit at Target.  It was the first thing that I rushed to grab because I reeeeaaally wanted one.  Oh was actually a present from "Santa".  Kiera has been bugging us to have a fire for a few weeks now so we finally broke it out over the weekend. 


I can't believe she actually stopped and let me take her picture without making any faces or running away from me.

Birch on the left from the dead tree in our back yard (this really makes us sad) and cedar on the right from a piece of wood I chopped a couple years ago at my parents house that looked like an alligator after I got finished with it.  While I was at the store Jimmy decided it no longer needed to sit on our back porch so he chopped it up.  It smelled sooo good burning.


Kiera saw that I was taking pictures and wanted to take some with her camera too. 

After we ate a delicious dinner and it got dark it was time for the fire and smores!!!  

Ahhh, good times, good times.

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