April 24, 2012


The last time that we were up at my in-laws property hanging out, my mother in law was sweeping up a pile a leaves and came across a nest of baby snakes.  We could only count about 7 before a few of them had slithered away.  Naturally we picked them up to check them out.
And we do know the difference between the venomous snakes and the non venomous ones.  These were just harmless little Southern Ringneck snakes.  Ok so they are technically venemous but it is their saliva that is venomous, not their bite.  And it is such weak venom that it doesn't hurt humans at all.  Of course we didn't know any of this until I just looked it up.  Now we know! 

Ahem, please excuse the tiny video.  You get the gist.  I can't tell you how stinkin' excited it makes me that my girl is not afraid to hold not one snake but two at a time!  Obviously I have zero problems with snakes or anything else, except for grasshoppers.  Hey now I am allowed not to like one bug.  Otherwise it is a sissy free zone in this family!   

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