April 25, 2012

Jimmy's Bathroom Redo Part 3

Man is it taking a long time for Jimmy's bathroom to be finished.  Not that I am trying all that hard to get any of it done but these things take time I guess.  As I have mentioned many times, we needed some new bathmats in there since they were still purple even after I got rid of all other traces of purple in there.  I have occasionally looked around at bath mats but I never loved anything I saw or they were all just to dang expensive for me.

So Saturday after our Heart Walk while Jimmy and Kiera napped (yes I am hard core and they are weenies) I went to Kohl's to see what I could use my free $10 off anything in the store on.  Well I only went to one section which was the home section to look at bath mats.  Still nothing was catching my eye until I saw some towels.  There was a brown and tan hounds tooth one, another in the same colors but floraly type pattern and then another one I that I don't know how to describe.  I thought to myself  "I could totally use a couple of these as a bath mat but how exactly?"  I didn't care at the moment because I knew I would figure something out.  The towels just so happened to be 50 percent off so I was able to basically get one free!  Score!

I picked this towel which is the one I can't describe.  I like it because it is a little more masculine than the others were and a nice simple pattern...

Well I bought one ginormous towel and then a hand towel since there wasn't anything small enough to put in front of the tub/shower except for that and there has to be a mat in front of the tub/shower to step on.  I also didn't want to do any cutting on the towels since they had the nice binding around the edges, that way they just might look like "real" bath mats!

Now I wasn't going to go and just throw it down on the floor because that would just be a towel on the floor.  As if what I did is really that much better but once you step on them you wouldn't think anything of it.  I did a search online on ways to turn a towel into a bath mat but they were all the same ideas, cut it into a gazillion tiny strips and tie them around a grid to make a fluffy mat.  Um no, I don't want to butcher my pretty new towels. 

Then it hit me.  I remembered I have this blue floor mat sitting in our washroom forever and decided I would test my plan with this first in case it was a failure.  Just cut up the floor mat and lay the towel on top so it would feel cushy.   It was messy but nothing the vacuum couldn't clean up!

 Since that seemed to go well I decided to try it out on the purple mats.  The purple ones were a pretty good size but I had to butcher one to make it fill in the other spaces like a puzzle.  I laid the towel wrong side up and put the part of the mat I wanted on the floor facing up too.  I basically just over lapped the towel I was cutting up and feeling my way around the edges of the in tact towel.  Does that make sense?  Me measure it out?  I don't think so.


Oh and don't you know I whipped out the hot glue gun to attach all the pieces.  I made sure to glue the "seams" to each other so there aren't any lumps when you stand on it. 

These two are just plain rude.

Ah now you can see all my little mangled pieces and how big the mat is now compared to the in tact purple piece on the left.  Yes it is ghetto like Jimmy said but hey it works.  And the little hand towel the hidden blue mat to the far left is so cute!

Ahhh, that is muuuch better.

They are nice and fluffy and I cut the mats to where there is just enough room for the binding to hang over the edges so you can't see what is underneath.  They really don't move either since the the materials pretty much velcro themselves to each other. 

The most important thing is that Jimmy approves and I think he actually likes them!  Woo hoo! 

Still there are a few more things that need to be done in there...eventually.

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