April 23, 2012

AHA Heart Walk 2012

Saturday Jimmy, Kiera, and I participated in the American Heart Association Heart Walk in dowtown Tulsa though Jimmy's company.  I have done about 2 or 3 walks before with a friend and really enjoyed it.  I was glad Jimmy asked if I wanted to do the walk since we haven't done one together.  

The walk this year began at the new Tulsa Drillers stadium which of course is waaaay nicer than the old one.  They had all sorts of vendors and festivities and there were tons of dogs there.  If we would have known it was going to be such a dog friendly even we would have taken Berkley.  None of the previous ones I have participated in had many if any dogs at all.  We at least brought him back some dog treats.

We met up with Jimmy's boss and his wife along with a friend of theirs for the walk.  It was such a beautiful morning too.  It was a little chilly at first but was wonderful by the end of the walk. 
 Is it good luck or something to hit the banner?  We hit it at the beginning and then Jimmy lifted Kiera to hit it at the end only his phone camera clicked too slow.  Whatever.  After the race we went to McNellie's to eat lunch and when we got home I actually went running around town while Jimmy and Kiera napped.  My ankles were paying for it the next day.

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