April 2, 2012

Birthday ideas

Soooo my birthday is coming up in 13 days.  I thought i would put together a little wish list for all of you that can't wait to buy me presents.  Just kidding.  Kind of.  Here they are in no particular order...

1.  A pedicure.  I finally painted my toes after 2 months with nothing on them and they need a little extra attention.  I haven't had a pedi in almost 3 years, which happened to be my first and last pedicure.  Actually I would love to take Kiera with me because I know she would love it.  (yes these are my feet, but from 2 years ago...aren't they cute?)

2.  A hand held carpet cleaner that scrubs/vacuums.  You know so Jimmy doesn't have to rush over to his parents house at 10pm to borrow theirs after Kiera has thrown up grape juice and hot dogs all over the carpet. 

3.  Old Navy gift card.  My spring wardrobe is pretty pathetic and could use a few new pieces.  Plus I am back on track to losing weight so yeah! 

4.  Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare in hardcover.  Reading is hot...nuff said.

5.  Landscaping or lots of plants.  I would be more than happy to do it my self or someone could professionally do it, but I would rather save my money (and yours) and do it myself.  Plus it's great exercise and I get to be outside!  Jimmy rolling his eyes at this request because I have been bugging him for yeeeears about it.  But dang it we have these stupid holly bushes in front of the windows that I just.can't.stand.  Everytime I walk up to them with a shovel I am reminded not to touch them yet.  I am going to eventually relocate those nandina's on th left by the tree to in front of the windows and the tree to the left is now standing up straight again (after we staked it this past weeknd) but its still just blahhhhhh.  Green Green Green is all you see. 

6.  Money.  Who doesn't want money?  That way I can really just buy whatever the heck I want.   Like new bath mats for Jimmy's bathroom.  How pathetic is that. 

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