April 3, 2012

R is for Running

So I am quite amazed at this whole running thing that seems to be going on everywhere.  The couch to 5K, all the stickers that say 13.1 or 26.2 and in one case 70.3 (which ended up being the Iron man triathlon) seem to be everywhere I look.  I have never been a great runner.  Even when I was in high school in excellent physical condition swimming for 3 hours every day along with lifting weights at practice AND as a class at school, I could hardly run an entire mile when I had to.  Throw me in a pool and I can swim for quite a while.  Even at the river you will find me swimming vs. riding in the boat. 

But running is not my strength.  I do enjoy it though.  Probably because no matter how horrible you feel while doing running or doing any other type of exercise, once you stop you just feel good.  All those endorphins are pumping through your body, you know that you need exercise, your burning off those calories that like to hang around and party it up in your fat cells.  Go away fat! GO!

So as I mentioned something about being back on track to losing weight yesterday I finally just sucked it up and am going for it...again.  I also mentioned something about it MONTHS ago but crap happened ie. work and life in general, and just didn't follow through with watching what I was eating and such.  I just didn't care.  I didn't gain any weight but I wasn't losing any.  Until this last week.   I just cut my portions waaaay back, and have not been drinking pop, or eating a bunch of crap.  2 lbs down 43 more to go!  Plus Kiera and I go on a walk (bike ride for her) almost every night.  Until last night.

Kiera decided that she didn't want to ride her bike but walk with me.  Only she didn't want to walk she wanted to run.  Guess who ran also??  ME!  There is nothing like having your 4 year old daughter set your pace and keep you going.  I knew that I would be able to run as long as I had someone to chase.  I also do this if she gets going fast enough on her bike, then I can run to keep up.  But last night we ended up running half a mile all together!  How awesome is that?  Super awesome if you ask me.  

Now I just have to keep it up!  I can do it!  

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