March 30, 2012

A new dress

A couple weeks ago I went to the Just Between Friends sale to see what kind of spring clothes I could find Kiera.  I came across this adorable dress and I think it was priced at $10 which ended up being my splurge purchase because it was too cute to pass up.  And when I went to check out everything was 20 or 30% off so it only cost $7!  Uh spending $10 on a dress really isn't a splurge but when it is a consignment sale I consider $10 quite pricey.  When I came home to show Kiera everything I bought I showed it to her last.  She was in love and it was the winner for her spring/class pictures this week.

It was a little chilly that morning so she didn't want to put her hands down.  I make her go outside for the sunlight that is lacking in the house during early morning.  Not to worry, I sent her to school with a jacket on and she was fine.  

I would love to take her out and get some pictures of her out and about but she just doesn't want to listen to me when I try take her picture.  Maybe I will have to find a photographer to get some pictures of her...or take her to JC Penny's like she begs every time we are near the studio.  We shall see.

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