March 20, 2012

Pine Cone Bird Feeders

On Pinterest I came across a picture on of toilet tissue rolls covered in peanut butter and rolled in birdseed and I decided this would be a great little project for Kiera and I to do.  After thinking more about using the tissue rolls I figured at they wouldn't hold up outside for very long I decided to do them on pine cones (I did this when I was about 8 years old in vacation bible school).

It was nice and messy.  All you do is slather peanut butter over a pine cone, roll it in birdseed and tie a string around it the tie it to a tree.

You may need to take a short break to watch some Chinook's and then Black Hawks  fly over your house.  Oh wait, that's only me since we live 4 miles from the airport and Army and Air Force base.

Hopefully the little birdies enjoy the special treat we made for them!

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