March 19, 2012

First Camp of 2012

Our first camp of the year Jimmy Kiera and I went to Fort Gibson Lake.  We stayed in the Sequoyah State Park at the Cherokee campsite, which is the same place my grandparents camped at about 8+  years ago.  Crazy that we didn't go to the river huh?  We have been wanting to experience some different scenery so we will be  definitely be camping around at different places.

We picked out a nice little site with some cover from trees and it was right next to a play ground.  As soon as we got there Kiera ran to it so she could play with some other kids that were camping there also.  The mom of the other kids came over and said she and her husband would keep an eye on Kiera while we set up camp.  We could still see her and were watching her but it was really nice that they offered to help us out.  

There were plenty of deer running around.

We also went to the nature center and had a first when we all pet a skunk named Kodiak.  Kodiak was a girl and of course she didn't have her stink glands. 

 We got back to the camper, ate lunch and while the little one took a nap...

This hottie and I sat outside and read through some Oklahoma magazines we picked up at the visitors center.
It was quite a lovely afternoon.  Quite lovely indeed. 

After we ate hamburgers and baked beans for dinner took a walk down to the lake.  We don't have any fishing poles (which is basically unheard of considering both sides of my family are huuuuge on fishing so that is what I grew up doing)  so we just looked tried to catch fish in her net.  No such luck.

The best part about camp was that there was a wedding reception in the background to the left.  Yep about 25 cars showed up and parked right next to our campsite.   

A few people tried to park a little to close so we gave them looks that said "Um could you maybe not park SO close" and they moved a little further away.  We just started up a fire...

Cracked open a bottle of wine and things were all good.  Mmmm, wine out of a plastic dixie cup.

Then it rained all night and most of the next day but it didn't cramp out style.  We. Are. Hardcore.


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Holly said...

Whata perfect weekend! I'm sure that this is something sweet little K will always remember. Good for you!!

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