March 21, 2012

The Easter Bunny's House

Sunday Kiera just had to climb up into our attic to get down the Easter decorations since St. Patrick's day had passed..  She always runs an puts on her "work boots" aka rain boots to climb up there or do anything else that she considers "work".  Of course she doesn't climb up into the attic all by her self since I am standing below her to catch her if she falls. 

We broke out the same spring time banner I made last year that hangs on the mirror and on the fireplace along with the wooden eggs we painted.  I decided our little setup needed something more so I had this bright idea of making a house for Mr. Easter Bunny.  Cardboard, hot glue, twigs, paint and a little fabric is what it's made of.  It took a couple few hours to make probably cause I actually measured everything so it would fit together properly.  And the twig roof took   What am I saying...the whole thing took forever.    

Dang kid getting in the way.


It's hard to tell but the door is actually "hinged" since the cardboard seams (?) are running vertical.  I was able to bend the edge of the door and it swings in and out.

We love it.   My favorite thing is the accent on the front of the house.  I cut out each individual scallop and hot glued those suckers down.  None of it is perfect but I like it that way.  I could have added some other little decorative accents but was ready to be done with it.  Oh and the only random thing I have found in the house is one of Kiera's used Kleenex.  Nice.  What is it with kids not throwing their trash away when they know where the trash can is located?

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