March 5, 2012


This is Kiera's favorite blanket. 
I got it from a friend at my baby shower (along with many other blankets) and this one has always been her favorite.  Luckily if it is every dirty or forgotten at the grandparents house we just grab another and she is just fine with it.  Thank goodness she isn't that attached to it.  The brown sherpa part of the blanket is no longer soft but scratchy from 4.5 years of washing.  We recently bought a pink minky fabric to replace the brown but decided against it.  Kiera decided she liked the scratchy brown after all, probably since I have seen her scratch her face with it, though it isn't scratchy enough to do any damage to her sweet delicate skin

She has been playing with the fabric since it somehow doesn't unravel and also used it as a blanket occasionally.  I decided to just make a new bigger blanket out of it.  While I was in Hobby Lobby one day I took pictures of about 6 different fabrics that would match the minky so Kiera could pick out her favorite.

I used this tutorial here.  It was super simple which is my kind of sewing project.  The only thing I would do different is lay the cotton down first on the floor instead of the minky.  The minky is stretchy so that added just a hint of a challenge for me.  You can see that I even added a seam to the edge AND I used two different colors!  White on the printed side and pink on the minky side.  I am getting gutsy! 

Now I need a giant one for me.

Hmm...I wonder what should I make next???

1 comment:

Holly said...

I'll take one in aqua and yellow please. This is so cute. I still have both of my children's blankets and they are in their 20's.

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