March 1, 2012

Mrs. Fix it - Caulking

I rock.  Really I do.  The caulking in our kitchen caulking was looking pretty nasty so I decided I would fix it.  That black mold that was hanging out behind the sink really isn't healthy for you, and since Kiera is allergic to the stuff it was high time we did something about it.  Have I ever caulked anything before?  No.  But I figured with my skills a cake decorator and piping things out of a parchment bag, caulking wasn't going to be much different, and it wasn't. 

First I read a few tutorials to get a general idea of the best way to go about it, plus I consulted with my dad, just because he is my dad and has done household fix it types of things.  Lets take a look at what needed to be removed.


I took my little scraper (with a firm blade) to remove all of the old caulk.  I would either run it along the bottom and then the top to loosen it, or running it just along the top automatically detached the bottom from the counter so I mostly did that.  I removed as much as I could.

Since everything was removed from the counters and the space where new caulk is going to be laid need to be clean, I went ahead and gave them a good scrubbing with hot soapy water and used a magic eraser on the tile. 

I used a caulk that is Low VOC (no fumes) anti mold-non cracking- semi safe for Kitchen use.  I say semi safe because it didn't say NOT to use it on surfaces that food will touch like another brand did.  I cut the tube to the smallest hold possible and went to town doing it in 18 inch sections.  I wet a finger and ran it along the bead in 6 inch sections.  If your finger is dry it will make rough edges.   I also used a toothpick to scrape up sections that were thicker on the counter.  I could have used painters tape to make straight edges but forgot while I was buying supplies at Lowe's.  Oh well, next time. 

After it was all done Jimmy told me it looked awesome and I really have a knack for it.  He also said he really appreciated that I was meticulous and paid attention to the details.  Yes I can be anal too. 

Next on the caulking agenda, the showers and windows.  Only there is more repair that needs to happen around the windows before caulking can be done.  Not really looking forward to that.  It will be done this year.  It will be done.

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