March 6, 2012

Cinderella - The Lost Pages

 My mother in law, Kiera and I went to the Tulsa PAC to see Cinderella The Lost Pages.  It was play about the story of Cinderella but with a twist.  My in-laws neighbors daughter had the part of young Cinderella and had invited Kiera to come see her perform.  It was really cute and funny. Please excuse the horrible lighting/phone pics. 

At the very end after everyone took a bow they brought a few kids down from the audience to dance.  Justice (the neighbor) came and got Kiera.  Oh was she happy.

Sometime this year they will be putting on a Snow White play with a twist and we will just have to see it too says Kiera.

1 comment:

Holly said...

How fun! I used to do this with my daughter and now that she's 24 years old, we still get together to see plays at a local dinner theater. Great girl time!

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