January 24, 2012

Ribbon Chandelier

Continuing on with my craftiness I picked up a couple little spools of ribbon at Hobby Lobby  to make Kiera a chandelier for her closet after seeing this one here.  The ribbon was 50% off and so I bought solid light pink and the other one is cream, burgundy and pink that matches her bedroom.   

I suppose I will give you a little tutorial here since it's super stinkin' easy.  You will need...

Embroidery hoop
Hot glue
fishing line

1.  Cut the ribbon to different lengths without measuring or measure if  you are anal like that.  I just cut 3 lengths that I liked and used those to measure the rest of my cuts.  

2.  Glue a small piece of the ribbon over the top of the inside portion of an embroidery hoop

3.  Tie fishing line to the hoop so you can hang it from the screws on the light fixture. 

There was a glass dome that I removed from the fixture but I may put it back up instead of trying to find a place to store it.  Jimmy mentioned something about it catching on fire with out the dome but nothing is touching the bulb and the light isn't used for long so I am not worried about it.  I thought that maybe the bare bulb would let off more light since I was blocking it with ribbon. 

Oooh I just had an idea...I think it would be super cute to use wired ribbon and make long curls.  You could even iron the ribbon flat, but I like the look of it slightly curling at the ends fresh off the spool.

You can see how I tied my fishing line in this picture.

Oh hello there little chandelier!  (sorry the lighting sucks..incandescent and natural light in same picture do not mix)

Oh and Kiera thinks its pretty darn cute too. 


Barb said...

What a cute light fixture - I love it. And what a cute blog. I'm your newest follower. :)

ella@lifeologia said...

it's so cute. I love the butterflies ;)

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