January 25, 2012

Chore Chart

Recently Jimmy and I have been discussing that Kiera start some doing chores.  She does help occasionally with things like putting up laundry, setting the table for dinner, etc. but it's pretty random.  We felt she should have a few simple things that she can completely do on her own every day with very minimal assistance from us.

We chose...

~Putting her dirty laundry in her hamper.
~Picking up her toys.
~Brushing her teeth every night.

Of course we would need a way to document this so I picked up a sparkly pink piece of scrapbook paper and a clear piece along with some craft magnets from you guessed it...Hobby Lobby.  I though that the clear piece was going to be a pocket type for me to slide the sparkly paper into but it wasn't.  It worked out better because I used it to write the days and chores on with a dry erase marker so I can change it as we add on more chores and used the clear envelope it came in to hold it everything.  That way the dry erase couldn't be wiped off without actually taking it out of the package.

Again I kept up with the pink and black theme using things I already had on hand which were a doily, zebra scrapbook paper, pink paperboard and polka dot letter stickers.

Now when she finishes a chore we will stick a magnet on the items she completed that day.  I think I will also keep a tally at the end each day of how many things she completed  on her own and if she gets like 15 out of 21 things done for the week she will get...something.  Change for her piggy bank maybe.  50 or 75 cents? I am trying it out so we will see how it works.

What do you think would be an appropriate reward for a 4 year old completing chores? 

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