January 26, 2012

Fabric Chandelier

I had this idea that our mini hallway needed something more than just the dome light it had and had been tossing around ideas of what I wanted to do for a few weeks.  I was going to make a capiz chandelier out of ironed wax paper but nixed that idea since I don't have a circle punch (no I was not going to cut out tons of little circles by hand!) and I thought it would take way too long.  Not that this little project didn't take me a while to do but once I figured out how exactly I wanted to do it everything went much more quickly. 

I decided to make a 2 tier chandelier by using the largest metal part of a lamp shade for the top and a wire hanger formed into a circle for the bottom.  I bought the cheapest thinnest cotton fabric from Hobby Lobby first ironing it before ripping it into approximately 1-1.5 inch strips and then I cut those long strips into 3's.  I applied a little glue to the wire then draped a strip of fabric over the top working my way around.  After all that I slapped on some fishing line to hold the two wires together and added more fishing line to the top ring so I could hang it on the screws that are part of the fixture, dome still attached.  

I wasn't so sure if I liked it or not until I hung it up. I think it looks like a jellyfish and I love it.  I intentionally made the picture darker so you could see the fabric when in reality it is all white, no gray.  I also like how the fabric hangs in different directions since ripping the fabric gives it a little curve.  I paid no attention to which way the fabric was facing as I glued it.

By now Jimmy was shaking his head at me with all the crap I was doing.  I craft because I enjoy the creative outlet, not because I want to save money, though I do enjoy not spending tons of money on these types of things.  How else am I supposed to create and be crafty since I am not decorating 30+ cakes on a daily basis anymore?   

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Ashleigh said...

Mom says if you need a creative outlet then how about some small cakes..lol. FYI. I have a hole punch. If you need anything like that let me know. I have lots of things like that.

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