January 27, 2012

The Pillow

I saved the best project for last. 

A while back I decided I wanted to make Kiera a pillow with her name on it.  Really Ashley?  You are going to go from making some ghetto curtains to a pillow?  Yes, yes I did.  First I went to my favorite fabric section at Hobby Lobby which are the scrap bins.  It is where I found the main pink part of her pillow along with the brown with cream polka dot fabric.  The cream K is made out of scraps from the ghetto bedroom curtain.  Did you know that there is perfectly good pillow filling in the very center of old yucky pillows?  You just gotta dig it out.

After all my supplies were gathered I needed to needed to figure out how exactly I wanted it to look AND what the easiest way to sew this bad boy girl together.  Even with this no measuring was involved...I eyeballed every bit of it...which I am pretty darn good at.  I have looked at plenty of tutorials online on how to sew a pillow case so I kinda mixed all that together and went from there.  Still it took me quite a while to do from start to finish.  Maybe 4 hours all together?  Is that bad for a beginner?  You can be honest, it won't hurt my feelings.

Pom poms!?!?!  Yes I did!  I actually decided take a stab at adding pom poms and I absolutely looooove them.  I came across this awesome tutorial and found it was very easy to do.  An added bonus is that I figured out which one of the knobs on my sewing maching changes the strength of the thing that pulls the fabric through the machine.  The foot?  Or is that what the needle is attached to?  I have no idea what its called as you can tell. 
Poor baby girl was not feeling well this weekend though she actually squealed and said "Oh my gosh!  It's pink and black and..is that an upper case K?"  I told her it was brown so it matches her bedroom and that I made a lower case K because I though it would be cute. 


"Thank you so much for making me this beautiful pillow Mama, I love it". 
Music to my ears. 

She still wants a pillow with her whole name on it.  I'll make sure it's pink and black. 

p.s I know this past week  sounded like an advertisement for Hobby Lobby, but I assure you it's not.  It is just where I get all my supplies from since it is 2 miles away from our house.

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ella@lifeologia said...

I love the pinks and browns - her room is beautiful ;)

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