January 31, 2012



I was sick over the weekend. 

I have been sick every month since August. 

It is annoying.

I never get sick that often.  I used to get sick maybe once a year with a sinus infection.  Well the year after I had Kiera and she sucked the life out of me and I was super sick 4 times that year.  I blamed it on the birth and breastfeeding.

A few questions I have been asking myself lately are...

  Am I stressed to the point I am making myself sick and just don't know it? 

Is Kiera bringing home crap from the other sickly children at school and giving it to me? 

Is there something bigger wrong my body that it isn't handling well?

I don't know.

However you will never really know when I am sick.  I am not a complainer.  Jimmy said it's hard to tell how bad I really feel since I don't complain.  Complaining won't help but to annoy people.   

A few ways to tell that I am sick are the stupid things I do like brush my teeth with my battery operated toothbrush without turning it on, wear my undies inside out, and put the peanut butter in the fridge only to notice 10 hours later.

But I am not complaining here. 

Just making a statement of my annoyance with being sick all the time.

And since I know you care, I am feeling better.

Not 100% but better.

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