December 5, 2011

Meeting Santa

This is the first year that Kiera has met Santa.  We tried to take her to meet Santa while visiting the Castle in Muskogee but she wanted nothing to do with him.  That Santa was quite scary looking though.  So after we dropped Jimmy off at the airport (he is in California for a business) we headed over to Bass Pro to meet Santa.


We just HAD to ride in the elevator.  I accidentally hit the "emergency call" button while taking this picture.  Luckily we exited before they answered!

 She was super excited Santa gave her a candy cane.

This is the first and probably the last you will ever see her in one of these hats.

She wants to buy this.

After we left Bass Pro we went to visit out friends Mandy and Madison.  I snuck around the corner and found them playing beauty shop.

I did quite and excellent job of wearing her out.

1 comment:

ella@lifeologia said...

What a great looking Santa and his little home is so very sweet.
Sounds like a fun day for a 4 year old ;)

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