December 2, 2011

Christmas Decorations

A couple weeks before Thanksgiving Kiera kept asking when we were going to decorate for Christmas.  I had to show the day on the calendar when that would happen, which was the day after Thanksgiving.  The week of Thanksgiving she woke me every.single.morning at 7am asking if we were going to put up Christmas decorations.  FINALLY the day came to decorate for Christmas.  I had to plan out the day letting her know exactly when we were going to do it which would be later in the afternoon.  I had after all been out shopping all night (in line at Target at 10:30 and got done with it and Bath and Body works by 3) and had only slept for 3.5 hours.  I made a list for her to mentally check off before we could start.  We had to do a little more shopping, clean the house, take a nap (her) and then decorate.  She did great at keeping track of what came next.

The only thing she helped do was unpack the ornaments and hang them on the tree.  Some help is better than none!  I have to say she did quite well.  A few tree branches have 2-3 ornaments on one but it's all good.

But since we looove our house even more when it's decorated for Christmas I though I would show you all of my stuff.  Minus the lights on the house because I just don't know if we (by we I mean I since Jimmy will hardly go up two steps on the ladder so I am the one on the roof) will get around to it.   


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ella@lifeologia said...

and I love Kiera's tree also ;)

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