December 1, 2011

sickly child

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that I was going to see Breaking Dawn.  I did and it was great, but first I must tell you about the day and week afterward.

Kiera gets up that morning and tells me her tummy doesn't feel good even after she went potty.  She drank about half of her hot cocoa milk (milk, tiny bit of sugar free chocolate syrup, microwaved) which she usually sucks down.  We finish getting ready and leave for school.  She never complained about it again.

While waiting in line she is sitting up in the front seat next to me and starts to cough into her hands only I know that is not just a sign of coughing.  She is throwing up.  I try to help her lean over to throw up in the floor without much success.  She finally stops and I tell her to hop back in her seat because we now have to go home.  She asks why.  Hahahahah!  Luckily I keep a crap load of napkins and tissues in my car so I was able to stop the throw up from further pouring down the the lower part of my leather seats. 

We get home and I clean her and my car up.  She tells me she feels better and doesn't throw up for a couple hours so I decide to take her to my in-laws so I can go to work.  Later in the day I get a text from my mother in law that she has thrown up a few more times after trying to eat. I get off work and go pick her up and I put a plastic sack it in her lap in the car in case she needed to throw up again.  She said she wouldn't but I wasn't taking my chances.  And sure enough when we pulled into the garage she threw up.  Jimmy had gone to the store and bought things like anti nausea medication and pedialyte.  She still couldn't keep it down. 

I leave for the movie.  GASP!  What?  I left my sick child at home with her Dada while I went to see a movie.  He is completely capable of caring for her. 

She threw up a few more times and we then started to get worried.  We decided that if she threw up one more time after I got home we were going to the hospital.  Luckily she didn't.  Jimmy had made her a bed on the floor next to ours and once she fell asleep she stopped throwing up.  All was fine after that day.

Fast forward to Wednesday evening when she complained about her ear hurting.  I tried calling her Dr. at 4:55 pm but wouldn't you know there was no answer.  We decided this wasn't an "emergency" so we just kept an eye on her.  She stopped complaining about her ear the next day.

Then on Saturday she had this nasty whitish yellow discharge coming out of her eyes.  I looked online to see what it was and all that was coming up was Pink Eye.  But her eyes weren't pink.  I was treating it like it was because I didn't want to contract anything.  It got better by Monday but I didn't want to send her to school with gunk in her eyes while everyone would possibly freak out and think it was Pink Eye.  So I took her to the doctor and we found out she has double ear infections.  That explains EVERYTHING!!  All the throwing up and the ear hurting, then that discharge is the infection squeezing its way out of her head. 

She is doing much better now.  Hating the medicine but she takes it.  We go back in a few weeks to make sure the infection is gone.  I am just glad I have a strong stomach for all this throw up and pus in the eyes.   I am even more impressed with Jimmy when he was at home with Kiera throwing up.  He is getting much better at not gagging. 

Oh as for Breaking Dawn...I loooooved it!  It was closest to the book.  Someone finally knows what they are doing while making these movies.  Still it holds no comparison to the book.  But do movies ever really?

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