November 7, 2011

the sink has sunk

Last weekend I was standing in this spot... up dishes from breakfast.  I noticed that my face was somehow getting wet while I was rinsing off a plate.  I had flashes of the prank where someone puts a rubberband around the sprayer and you get hit when you turn on the water but it was no where near that amount of water.  I started looking around to and found where the fine mist was coming from. 
Do you see the culprit?  I didn't think so.  The tiny little hole (a black speck) is near the very top center of the spout.

We decided to go to Lowe's and check out a new faucet since this was obviously not going to work for us.  Besides, we had been wanting a new faucet for a while and this got the ball rolling.  After looking at faucets for a few minutes we wandered over to the sink aisle to just "look" at the sinks for when the day comes for us to get a new one since our is all chipped from us (and the previous owners) dropping pots and pans in the sink (not on purpose).

Wouln't you know we went all crazy and bought a new faucet AND a sink.   We couldn't see paying the $150 installation for just the facuet vs. $200 installation for the sink AND faucet.  Plus the faucet was $30 off and we got a 5% discout for putting it on our Lowe's card.   
Our standard little sink before...

And our GLORIOUS sink after!

We are in looooove!  Look how far the spout comes out way out in the middle.  Removable nozzle with stream or spray.  Soap dispenser.  A massive 9" deep with those rounded back edges.  I am paranoid I will drop a pan or scratch it. 

We had also previously bought a new guard for the disposal with I failed at switching out myself a month ago.  I went online to check out how to switch it and all the guys in the videos were like "You just put a screwdriver in the dog ear nut and pull like so and it will just pop right off".  Pop right off my foot!  I could barely get the thing to budge and Jimmy couldn't even get it to move either.  Luckily this was also included in the installation.  I am happy the guy put the silver coupler thing back on straigt and didn't leave the words at some weird angle.  I am pretty sure it wasn't straight before and it drove me crazy.

Yeah it was pretty much gone as you can see.  It really was't fun holding our hands (or a bowl) over the drain to keep from gettin sprayed in the face with chopped up food.  Yeah it happend to us a few times, well maybe just me since I am short and therefore closer to the drain.


Holly said...

Ooooooooooooooohhhhh!! Aaaaahhhhhhh! So so pretty! Isn't it amazing what a difference a mini makeover can do? Good job!

ella@lifeologia said...

Congrats on the lovely sexy new sink and faucet!
I love the new look. It's so nice when things that you want to break down - break down ;) A good reason for an upgrade and an update.
It looks awesome Ashley!

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