November 8, 2011


Around 2:12am Saturday morning I woke up and heard our bedroom door moving.    At first I though that it was Kiera coming in the room only the door never opened.  The next thought was that it was suction from one of our bedroom windows being opened only the banging noise was too consistent to be the pressure of the wind.  Then I thought someone was in our house messing with us about to barge in and murder us.  Yes I actually thought that.  I was woken from a dead sleep so my mind wasn't completely out of its dream state.  Berkley started baking at the door and I said "Jimmy the door".  Yeah I was sending him into potential danger because A. I was scared and B. He is the big strong guy.  He jumped up and shut the window and went and opened the door.  Nothing was there.  He got back into bed and I got up to go check on Kiera who was safe and sleeping in her bed.  After I made sure all the doors were locked I climbed back in bed and passed out.

When I woke up at 6:30 I got online and found out it was an earthquake!! 

  What? An earthquake in Oklahoma?  Yes we have earthquakes in Oklahoma.  Most of them are small and aren't felt but this weekend we have had 3 big ones.  Big meaning two of them were 4.7 and one was 5.6.  Jimmy said that he shut the window because he heard it rattling and after he opened our bedroom door he could hear things around the house moving.  IT was the first 4.7.  Then the next night we had a 5.6.  We were cabining down in southeastern Oklahoma and I had just fallen asleep right before it happened.  Jimmy said he felt that one a little but not much. 

Then last night I felt my first earthquake.

It was 8:46 pm when Kiera and I were sitting on the couch reading one of the books we got her at the library and the couch starts shaking.  It sounded like a jet was flying over the house only it was our house making the noise.  We also had our back door open and we could hear the rumbling noise from the houses around us.  Kiera and I just stopped what we were doing and sat there waiting for it to stop which it lasted only about 10 seconds.  Jimmy came running out of the computer room and was pretty excited like I was that we actually got to feel it.  He said he had to catch a picture from falling off the top of his desk because the were scooting around. 

It was second 4.7 and I have to say if it were any stronger it would have scared the crap out of me.  Unlike the tornados that we are so used to around here, there is no warning for an earthquake.  They just happen out of nowhere.  At least during a tornado you can see that the clouds are circulating and you need to take cover.  I have been through a small tornado once and it was quite scary also. 

Only in Oklahoma can you have 130 degree temperature swing, tornados, and earthquakes all in less than a year.  We like to keep things exciting around here.

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