November 9, 2011

Robbers Cave

Last weekend we took a little trip with the in-laws to Robbers Cave State Park down in south east Oklahoma. 

The Nature Center

According to legend Robbers Cave and its surrounding bluffs, ravines and rock formations was a hide out for Jessie James and Belle Starr.

Talimena State Park  and Ouachita (WOSH-i-taw) Mountains. 

Our last part of the trip we went to take a look at the Heavener Runestone.  It is a massive 20+ foot tall triangle shaped rock with carvings on it that no one really knows where they came from.  Some people think it was vikings but apparently the vigings being here would be controversial , I don't know why.  A building was put around the rock so you can't touch it but look at it through plexiglass.  

Going home with my girl clinging to my arm (and her favorite blanket) as she slept leaning on my shoulder.

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