November 15, 2011

movie date

Saturday Kiera and I had a movie date with our friends Mandy and Madison.  We went to see Puss in Boots 3D.  Mandy and Madison are our Big Splash buddies too.

Can you tell I was sick in that last picture?  No?  Good.  My nose wasn't completely raw at that point like it is now from all the snotting and blowing and wiping I have been doing for past 3 days.  I also felt like I had blown a hole in my gut from all the coughing I was doing. 

Still we had fun.  I was super clumsy and spilled the popcorn and about dropped out drink.  Afterward Kiera and I went to Target and did a little shopping for Madison's birthday next week and got a few little articles of clothing for ourselves.  They have a ton of cute clothes for this winter.  Maybe I can go get a few things....hint hint Jimmy.

Oh and Sunday I got 3 hours all to myself to nap.  Bedroom door shut.  Jimmy kept everyone out of the room out except Lilly because she will actually sleep and not move.  When I got up lunch was ready and Jimmy made us chili for dinner per my request.  He rocks. 

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