November 16, 2011

star student

This week Kiera is the Star Student in her class.  We saw her name on the calendar for a month and she was eagerly awaiting this week.  She gets to do things like be the first in line for things and sing the alphabet in front of the class and other things that she nor her teacher have elaborated on. 

I sent her teacher an email Monday night asking if we were supposed to do a poster or anything because we hadn't heard anything about it.  She said that an afternoon kid took her paper home last week and just brought it back yesterday.  Lovely.  So we got to rush around and make her a poster to take to school to display some things about her.

Didn't Kiera do a lovely job?  I mean she has such a looooong attention span and was able to spend a whole hour watching a movie crafting this beautiful poster.

I asked her why she didn't smile and she said because she was posing.

Yep there's the goofy face.

There was also a little questionnaire that was interesting to hear her answers though most didn't really surprise me...

 My favorite color
My favorite book is...SkippyJohn Jones in Mummy Trouble (I cannot stand reading this book)
My favorite TV show is ...Phineas and Ferb
My favorite restaurant is...Carl's Jr.  (the chicken stars are her favorite)
When I grow up I want to be a...Cheerleader (hmmmm)
My favorite center at school is...Play-do

1 comment:

amanda torres said...

Ah man! I looooooove reading Skippyjon Jones' books. Something taps into my inner-Mexican and I cannot help but throw in my thick Spanish accent. I will come to your house and read that book ANY DAY OF THE WEEK! And, great job on the poster...Kiera...

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