October 7, 2011

parent teacher conference

Last night Jimmy and I went to our very first parent teacher conference for the most adorable little girl in the world.

I was a little concerned about what we would hear since I have received a couple emails about Kiera before.  I wasn't really surprised to hear from the teacher since Kiera spends most of her time with adults and hasn't always had daily interaction with other kids.  She plays very well with other kids but apparently she was a little rough at times.  She is used to playing with Jimmy and I and we don't get hurt easily like some children do.  We have been discussing this with Kiera and I think she got the point. 

Her teacher was also concerned with her coloring.  Kiera doesn't try to color within the lines she just scribbles all over the whole picture.  Her teacher noticed that her homework looks much better and she actually tries.  I explianed that is because we sit with her and continually prompt and encourage her to stay within the lines and not just use one color.  She has just NEVER liked to color and she never will, just like her Dada.  It is tedious and boring to them. 

So when we sat down with the teacher last night she went over the assessment she did with Kiera.  Things like writing her name, birthday (which Kiera always includes the year as two sousand seven), important people in her life, city she lives in, recognizing upper and lower case letters, recognizing numbers 1-10 (she knows the number 10 but doesn't recognize it on paper, she will say one zero), cutting, holding a pencil, she speaks clearly and in full sentences, etc.  She was very pleased and said she is doing a great job and right on track.  She still occasionally gets a little excited and rough but they just bring it to her attention and she stops.  

I think this is really a fun time right now seeing what type of person she is and we can imagine what she will be like when she is older.  We still have to continue to mold her into what we feel is a good and decent human being and teach her to be a strong person who can think for herself and keeping others in mind.  Whats right and wrong.  Good and bad.  Smart and stupid. 

It's a neverending cycle.  Even Jimmy and I are still growing and trying to change for the better everyday.


Holly said...

I remember wishing I was a fly on the wall at my son's school to see how he is different from how he is at home. I saw that picture of Kiera at the top and wondered, "Who is that child? They've changed her into a pod person!!" She looks so quiet and demure. Where's the wild hair and the goofy faces? She looks like a little lady up there. Make it stop!!!

Pearl said...

She's adorable.

Helping children realize what is expected of a functioning citizen is part of the job, isn't it, without robbing them of their spirit. Sounds like that's what you're doing.

Keep it up! We need girls like Kiera!


amanda torres said...

It's always interesting hearing an outsiders info on your child. Sounds like she's doing a great job. We're looking forward to hearing how Mason's doing next week.

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