October 10, 2011

tulsa state fair 2011

The Rides

I decided I really don't like Ferris Wheel's.  I had a tight hold on Kiera the entire time because my stomach was in knots thinking of the possibility of her falling and splattering on the concrete.  Horrible I know.  Oh and I get dizzy on it.





This is only half of what is outside.


You can see our town from the sky lift. Way far away.


Looks like Kiera would also be good at luge.
The Food

(only thing we ate not pictured is a chicken kabob) 

Rib eye steak sandwich


I wonder how long I walked around with the powdered sugar all over my face.  No I did not eat this by myself.

Doggie treats for Berkley

The Petting Zoo


The Ostrich and Emu won the staring contest.

Surgery to remove lady parts on a dog.  I missed the good part, he was stitching her up when we got there.

2 day old baby goat with its mama.

Can you find the piglet that is directionally challenged?

Jimmy said that I squealed a little when I saw these baby pigs.  He thought it was pretty cute.  He told me he keeps forgetting that I didn't grow up around animals.  The top one is 7 days old bottom one is 3 days old.

We only went to the fair once for 3.5 hours.  Some people go more than that.  No thank you.  The one day is plenty for us.

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