October 24, 2011

little bit of this and that

 Well hi there. 

 I thought I would drop in to see what's going on.  Not much it looks like. 

Last week was a rough week.  Staying true to October form Kiera's allergies/asthma acted up and we had a few sleepless nights.  I stayed home with her last Monday to give her breathing treatments and then started feeling yucky myself.  

No worries, Kiera got better and we were able to go camping over the weekend.  Me on the other hand never got sick (it's the dang rollercoaster of weather changes in Oklahoma) but I almost lost my voice.  It was all squeaky and high pitched but really soft.  Jimmy was giving me a hard time and kept saying "What?  I can't hear you."  He would just smile at me while I glared at him.  Bastard.  Kiera was very concerned that I didn't sound the same and kept asking what was wrong with my voice. 

I went into detail telling her about the vocal cords and how they make your voice.  That mine are most likely swollen and not working like they should.  I found a video online of a lady talking and singing the National Anthem while they watched her vocal cords.  That is all Kiera has wanted to do is watch the vocal cord video. 

I even got my craft on last week too.  I will eventually share what I did. 

On the work front I have been super duper busy all month.  I had training scheduled 19 out of 21 working days this month.  Not for me but for hundreds of our staff.  I keep looking at how nice and empty November and December look compared to October.  Which was somewhat intentionally done since those are big holiday months and people would rather be with their family instead of training.  I hope.   I know I do.

Speaking of November and December I am sooo looking forward to Black Friday shopping and my 10 days off between Christmas and New Years.  Aaaah, it's gonna be great.


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