October 17, 2011

first field trip

Last Friday Kiera got to take her first field trip.  All the kids had been instructed to wear their Pre K shirts that day so of course we had to get a picture.  

Shortly after I dropped her off at school everyone was loaded up on to buses and taken to a pumpkin patch here in town.  She was super excited about finally riding on a real school bus.  Jimmy's mom was at the pumpkin patch since that is where they were taken home from and she snapped some pictures.  Yay for grandparents just knowing to take pictures to share when we aren't able to attend little functions like that.

She got to do this little craft where she glued pieces of fabric onto a scarecrow and did a little bit coloring on him.

 They had a relay race where they passed the pumpkins down the line and put them in a basket.

Kiera said they were picking the pumpkins up and tossing them to people.  I don't know how true that statement is.
They also went on a hayride and the kids were told not to go near the water.  That is just what she told me so I am betting they were getting to close to water somewhere.  A puddle not a pond.  Oh and she got to bring home a little pumpkin.

1 comment:

ella@lifeologia said...

so cute.
your girl looks like she's getting bigger every day ;0

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