October 14, 2011

happy birthday berkley

January 2009 I was in a pet store in town buying some fish and letting Kiera look around at all the animals.  I noticed that they had a type of dog Jimmy mentioned he liked which is a Griffonshire (half Brussels Griffon half Yorkie) so I told him about the store having them.  

About a week went by when we had an ice storm and Jimmy wanted to see how my new car handled on the roads.  We decided to go back to the pet store to just look at the puppies.  There was one cage with 3 Griffonshires and another cage with just one.  The 3 dogs that were in a cage together were really excited and bouncing off the walls but the one alone in the other cage was sitting quietly in the corner.  We decided to play with a long haired Chihuahua first and quickly realized that this particular dog was pretty skiddish and was peeing all over the place.  We had the lady put him back and we wanted to spend some time with the lone puppy.  This puppy was a cuddle bug.  He didn't run around like crazy, didn't pee all over the place, he just let me hold him. 

 Now when we went into the store we had zero intentions of buying a puppy.   Jimmy had told me that if I wanted him we would get him.  After holding that sweet puppy those 15 minutes I couldn't bear to put him back in the cage and I am so glad I didn't.  He is also the first dog I have every had.

Right after we left the store with him I decided to name him Berkley Prescott because his posture made me think of a British college professor.  

Yesterday he turned 3.

This was the first day in his new home spending all day with his mama.   I am his favorite person.  


Such a good little brother to Kiera.

As much as Lilly doesn't want to admit it, she really does like having this annoying little brother around.  When we come home from work we catch them cuddling on the couch all the time.

He looooves to wear sweaters in the winter.

Costumes not so much.

Now Berkley that is just inappropriate.

I don't know what happened to that calm little puppy though.  He is an 11 lb. ball of excited energy.  Still he is the sweetest little thing and the biggest cuddler you will ever meet.  Last year we had a big scare and thought we might lose him but luckily he healed and he is still in our lives, hopefully for many more. 

Happy 3rd birthday Berk dog!!!   I think you know just how much we love you!

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