October 28, 2011

gymnastics week 4

Last night was Kiera's 4th week (or 5th night) of gymnastics.  I practiced with her a few of the stretches and moves to help her move along a bit in class.  I even let her jump off of our recliner and giant ottoman onto a pillow from a couch.  Not normal practices here in this house but I made an exception.  We have also been practicing hop scotch on our back porch since the girl can't hop to save her life.
She really isn't all that athletic but that will change.  She will get it.  Her little muscles will stretch and she will become more limber.  She will be strong and fearless.  Well she is fearless in some instances.  But it will all take time.  

I took a few videos of the activities they did last night.  She has really come a long way since that first night. 

Warming up(she is in black shorts/pink leotard, hair in ponytail)

On the bar (towards the right)

On the beam

 Sheesh...those videos suck.  We really need to get a camcorder.

1 comment:

amanda torres said...

I love watching gymnastics videos. She is so cute, and really trying hard.

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