September 22, 2011

zoo - embrace the camera

Our pretty girl posing at the zoo entrance.  I am surprised I got a smile out of her since all she wants to do these days is make silly faces at the camera.

Looks like I spoke to soon.  Silly faces to follow.
  Riding her best friend Ella the Elephant.  Yes she says the elephants are her best friends.


I rode the seal cause I am cool like that.

Nanny rode the stationary giraffe.  The second go around she switched to a moving animal but I can't remember which one.

Too cool to ride the carousel.

Loves of my life.  Not the elephant, the humans.

Rubbing the eyes can only mean one thing.

I am happy that the family Embraced the Camera. 


Amber said...

So fun! I wish we had a good zoo around here. So cute that she says that elephants are her best friends. :)

Holly said...

What a fun day. Love her goofy smiles.

Mommy Girl said...

looks like a great day! I think elephants are my best friends too!!

ella@lifeologia said...

Very cute pics ;)
My goodness she is getting big!

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