September 23, 2011

ronald mcdonald

Kiera met Ronald.
Awesome possum.  

I have never met Ronald.

Good thing she has never been afraid of clowns. 


Holly said...

Just kill me now. My worst nightmare. Such a brave kid. Ronald is the boogey man.

lesley said...

Yikes! She's a brave girl. I had to tell you we went to El Fogon last night for and had their salsa! So good. I found a recipe for homemade salsa online and it tasted very similar. I'll probably post it sometime next week, if I get around to it. Anyway, thanks for the tip!! Have a great weekend.

amanda torres said...

Well, if she were ever scared of a clown it would HAVE to be him. Creeeeeepy! Cute pic though...of her.

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