September 28, 2011

centennial baby

We were given this onesie by Jimmy's aunt and cousin shortly after Kiera was born since she was born on the year of Oklahoma's 100th statehood.  The tag says 18 months.  How she can wear it now at the age of 4 being 41 1/4 inches tall is beside me.  Must have been for a BIG 18 month old.  And  I have to admit this is the first time she has ever worn it...a whopping 10 minutes.  It was (and still is) safely tucked away in a keepsake box with a number of my favorite things of hers as a baby.  You know her hospital beanie, first outfit home, favorite pair of baby shoes, her hospital bracelet (from when she was born and her stay last year), first birthday bib, a newborn (I forgot to keep a preemie diaper) and 3/4 diaper, plus a couple other things.   

Now her photoshoot begins.  I love this one. 

"Wanna see some silly faces?"
No not really. 

Um, ok then.  That's lovely.

Yeah that's great too. 

That's my girl.  Will only stand in front of the camera if she can make silly faces.  Unless it's for someone else.  Otherwise she runs away. 


ella@lifeologia said...

Yes that must have been for a big 18 month old ;D LOL
- it would be cool to cut it and keep it as a t-shirt ;)

Holly said...

What a goofball! She is so cute! Can you fit in that onesie?

amanda torres said...

Oh my gosh! That is hilarious. If I tried to put a onesie on Mason, he would freak out.

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