September 29, 2011

collinsville founders day

Saturday Kiera and I made our way to Collinsville to stop by the library to grab a crap load of books so we could finish off her September reading list of 20 books.  She needed 12 and I ended up finding one I have been wanting to read too. When I pulled onto the Main street we saw it was blocked off with all sorts of inflatable things.

I parked next to the lovely blue antique store and we made our way around the corner to see what was going on.  Of course Kiera wanted to immediately partake in all the activities.  I found a tent where they were selling wrist bands for $10 to play all you want.  I really didn't want to pay that much for it but sucked it up and bought it anyway.  It's worth it to see her have a good time.

Kiera also decided that she wanted to ride the bull.  She did great watching all the kids before her until the thing started to move. 

I am still laughing.  The girl will try pretty much anything.

1 comment:

Holly said...

Fun day! Love the crap load of books remark. You know I love the word "crap"! Your video says it's unavailable when I click on it.

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