September 21, 2011

blue whale

Last weekend we planned on going to the Rogers County Fair in Claremore only it was already over with the day we showed up.  I don't think there was much going on besides tractor pulls, goat roping, and some music.  Not really my cup-o-tea but we were doing it for Kiera.  She was pretty bummed and wanted to go to the fair.  We told her the Tulsa State Fair will be here in a couple weeks and we would go do something else in the meantime.

We made our way down Route 66 until we ended up at the Big Blue Whale in Catoosa.  It is a historical swimming hole that has been shut down for I can't even tell you how long.  I don't think it has been open for swimming since we moved her back in 1986.  And since I have lived in Oklahoma for 25 years and I can't believe I've never been here.  I have driven by it countless times since it is right off the highway but never walked around it.


There is a set of vertical stairs inside the mouth where you can climb up to the top and look out the holes in it's head.  There wasn't much else to do up there besides dodge the loose floor planks. I felt like I was going to fall through when one gave way when I stepped on it.  Scary.

Kiera was up looking out the holes with me but wanted down.  She probably felt a plank give way too.

Ewww.  Apparently you used to be able to play on this "ship wreck". 

Cute little kiddie tables.
And of course we had to have our picture taken in front of it.  We should have been hanging out of his mouth like we were being eaten or something.  I am never creative like that at the time of having my picture taken.  Not that anyone would have played along with me.  Jimmy is just no fun when it comes to things like that and Kiera didn't want to have her picture taken so she freaked out and started running around behind Jimmy.


amanda torres said...

Gotta love the Oklahoma landmarks!

Holly said...

America is weird. I love it. That shipwreck looks awful, looks like you could get scurvy just climbing on it.

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