September 7, 2011

4 wheeler mudding

Sunday Jimmy and I (without the kiddo) met up with a bunch of his coworkers at Grand Lake to do some massive trail riding on the 4 wheeler.  The weather was perfect and cool that morning but then it started raining about half way there.  It's much more fun when it's wet.  Well until the rain pelts you in the face when you are flying down a straight away.  Painful.


Here is the whole group.  All husbands and wives.  Except for one kid but he is 17.

We were stopped for some reason.  There is no way I could take a picture while we were riding.  We never went slow the entire time.

We ended up towing one of the guys back on our way to eat lunch.  He drove over the same tree branch on the ground as everyone else but ended up breaking his bike.  Someone else had another bike he could ride.

While towing him back Jimmy pointed out this big boulder. 

After lunch we went back out and watched some rock climbers for a little while.  There are some interesting vehicles out there.

Pictures just don't do the steepness of the hills any justice.

 We eventually had a jeep join our group and went everywhere we did.  I am standing on the opposite hill that is the same steepness of the one the jeep is going down.  It's almost vertical.  Crazy!

 When you get to the top of some of those crazy steep hills you come across little places like this.  Panty Hill.  You can donate a piece to the trees if you like.  We did not.

 After we left Panty Hill we went to find MUD.  And boy did we find it.

 We plowed through a number of holes until the jeep got stuck in one.  So we bailed them out too.

 Only for Jimmy to plow into a hole that was about 3 feet deep for us to get stuck in too. 

 I knew before we even hit it we were going to get stuck.  And completely wet n muddy.  Just look at it.  You could swim in it.  Oh and what is even better is that one of the guys caught it on his helmet video.  Lovely.

 Right before we had the mud hole mishap I was wacked in the head with a branch.  It hit right on my temple and scraped its way from under my ear towards my mouth.  It still hurts.

 We made our way to the water after the bikes and us were nice a dirty to rinse them off.  Jimmy hit the water at about 30 mph and we were immediately SOAKED.  I was laughing hysterically. 

It didn't really help getting any of the mud off.  

 This picture cracks me up.  We had a good laugh about it.  We had stopped a minute so someone could fix a tire or lug nut or something and I decided to get a picture with Jimmy.  When I pulled the camera back and saw his face it made me laugh.  Apparently he was making faces and that is the one I captured.  We were both tired.  We had bee riding for 7 hours!!!!!

When we finally got back to the campsite we ran to the showers and came back to Tony (the one we towed on the bike) making margaritas.  Mmmmm....Strawberry margaritas....yummm.

Two tired people. 
And boy are we sore.  Everyone was impressed with my ability to hang on to the bike the way Jimmy drives it but I am used to it.  Apparently I looked like a rag doll.  Anyone else would have been thrown off.  One of the many reasons he loves me.  Tough girl who is not afraid to get dirty.

But I had so much stinkin' dirty fun and can't wait to do it again.


amanda torres said...

Now THAT is something I have NEVER done! And, Panty Hill is just too funny!

ella@lifeologia said...

Oh wow - that was some crazy day for sure ;)
Feeling very very sorry for that tree.....
lol too stinkin funny!

ella@lifeologia said...

That is one crazy day.
Feeling very very sorry for that tree....
too stinkin funny!

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