September 8, 2011

1st homework assignment

Did you know that they assign homework to Pre K students?  Me neither.  Kiera brought home her first homework assignment the other day and will be bringing something home to work on every week.  I am happy about this.    Now comes  big time homework before anything else rule.

This week they are working on the letter A.  I am pleasantly surprised at how well she concentrated on finishing her work.  Before she started school she would rush around to finish coloring a single little item and then want me to finish it for her.  Very short attention span with anything that she had to actually sit still for.  Unless it was to watch a movie. 



Though after she traced all the letters, colored the apple and ant she started to lose concentration while coloring the alligator.

 We took a break for a few hours and then went back to work on the last part. 
 Can you see them?  I thought you could.  

I figured we should have thought of a different item besides the ant, apple or alligator to draw but I couldn't think of anything simple for her to do.  I flipped through my Better Homes and Gardens magazines and they really weren't showing any signs of an "A" related item so I brought out one of her alphabet books.  She wanted to draw a suit of armor or an abacus.   Really Kiera?  Such a goofball.  We decided on the acorn.  I  gave her a little guidance on how to get started and let her go from there.  I thought it might need a little description of what exactly she drew.  You know if someone thought they were just blobs of brown.


Holly said...

Quite possibly the best abstract drawing of acorns I have ever seen.

amanda torres said...

So cute! I love little kid homework.

ella@lifeologia said...

So cute.
We are so totally on the same page ;)
Although my girl didn't really bring homework....
but, on Friday, after her first day, she was playing with her niece and all of a sudden she said 'I have to do my homework'.
She asked for a piece of paper and then layed down on the floor and went onto write her 'homework' ;)
She returned to me with a bunch of letters put together to form 4 lines of carefully written 'words' which were just gibbrish ;) explaining no more than 'it's my homework' ;) okey dokey ;)

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